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Practically, Almost, But Not Quite, there.

All NPR talked about today was the NFL anti-trust suit currently residing in the Supreme Court, while I might find that interesting sometimes, the reality is that sports franchises are out there to make money, not play the game. Our supreme court has a number of important cases on their hands right now, heading their way eventually I'm sure is the Prop 8 same-sex marriage ban in Cali. While it's currently in a California State Court, it's on the way up the chain. Personally I think NPR should be devoting a little more time to civil rights then football at the end of the season, IMO.

Don't get me wrong I love football, but you know what else, I LOVE LOVE. The end. People should be able to love openly and freely and commit themselves legally to a union that is recognized by all. They should also be educated about facts by both sides. Very impressed with some recently, and shamed by others. Check out this article, and see a really rational reasonable individual, from the other "side", support love:

Love from the other side of Newsweek

My friend Ms.Erin Eli started an Art Collaboration blog called Art Takes. So far I've only submitted two times but I'm going to try to stay on top of it, each week has a different theme that you can interpret however you want and with any medium. There is some seriously sick stuff in this thing, and everything is welcome.

This week's theme was Primitive. I actually did a number of projects, some shown below the jump. But I submitted the aquarium shots below as the final submission. I was frustrated/bored with baseball talk at the Elysian Brewery when visiting Seattle this weekend, and did what I always do which is take my camera and wander off. So even though I spent part of the day doing "primitive" shots, I still submitted this series to the blog at the last minute:

Elysian Coral
Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute to the blog, this upcoming theme is "Portrait of an Artist," so hop to it!