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Endless Hearts...

to Erin on her birthday. I wish I could celebrate with you this weekend. Lots of love and fun times to come my dear. More shoots specifically in the next few months.

Kisses and hugs!! And Happy freaking birthday.

Magic in the Moonlight

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"So much to say. And so much not to say! Some things are better left unsaid. But so many unsaid things can become a burden." V. M. Axline.

I talk a lot. To anyone who listens. I blog (at the moment on three, soon to be four blogs), I write to myself and others, always trying to keep up with my e-mails and constantly falling behind. I assume people feel neglected, like I don't have time for them. Not true. There are just so many things to say right now that I try to channel more time into the more important things. Trivial and frivolous moments have been left in the dark in the last month, and will continue to be for the next one.

However, although this is a full weekend of work I am going to demand that I take at least an hour each day of this lengthened weekend to do something leaking frivolity. After my paying job today I'm leaving for the Mountains in which I will be pressed against my technological workbench, doing web and graphic design, and possibly some Ad copy. At least I have a monster group of machines to help me with this and I'm surrounded by a fantasy of Nature's best stuff.

And I will take advantage of that momentarily luscious (soon to be dry, brown and dead) world and take some time for myself. Tonight I'm going to break out the telescope and if it's a clear night, do some long-exposure photos. Tomorrow I'm going to paint and hike to the observatory. Sunday I'm going to shoot film with the pentax and possibly record some music in the studio. Depending on the heat there might be an adventure to go get some pie and apple cider in Julian (YES!) Monday is rock-climbing.

I decided to write down these goals, to make these commitments on the blog, with the promises of posting the results so I am accountable to do these things and take time to make my soul happy while I work to make others happy.

As the time draws closer for me to leave home I feel people slipping away. I hope that I am not overloading myself with work to distance myself and ease into a new life. It is possible, I am defensive, and though open, I am private. I suppose I will say, because it needs to be said and put out in the universe, that I have not forgotten anyone. There is no ignoring and I will try to commit more time for the social things being 24 has to offer.

It surprises me how easily offended people get by silence, when often they would rather not hear the truth in the first place.

Rock ON Indie Evolution

I will gladly admit that though I'm not 'scene' I rotate through the hippie/emo/indie/prep worlds depending on my mood and the day. I can be clichely indie as I will grow to hate a band/song everyone loves and get irritated when I connect with an author that is on the NY Best Seller's list the following week. Can't seem to help it. Since the 'scenes' are pretty much the same kids wearing different clothes, I find it easy to overlap them and take whatever I need from their sphere. There is also nothing wrong with these musicians/writers/directors finding fame and fortune. They likely deserve it because they f-ing rock. I'd even argue that the popularity I resent is the reason I know about them in the first place. We like to think we are non-conformists, but I feel like EVERYONE is trying to keep from conforming and thus they all end up the same anyways. I'm pretty sure there are A LOT of ears pressed up against the underground. And really, if the whole world starts reading, eating, watching and listening to better shit, then we should be celebrating the evolution of taste. Love this [so true and it reminds me of my roommate Cory]:
Music in general should be celebrated, and while slightly hypocritical, I am no hater. I try to embrace the things other people love, if they're awesome anyway. In that vein, I do really like the fastly growing We Are Scientists and will admit I hate how popular they are. Awhile back they caught my initial attention for their name alone, but seriously I think they're pretty talented [dammit]. Today, I just found they did a cover of a song I love by Sigur Ros [a decidedly super Icelandic band that people love to tout while attempting to keep secret though I think they get plastered across the U.K. scene and even won an MTV award]. So, check out the video from Sigur Ros with the music covered by We Are Scientists [still sung in Icelandic circa 2006]. And check out both bands too if they [somehow] haven't crossed your radar, because they've gotten where they are for a reason.

Hope Springs Eternal

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I just wanted to mention that Maine legalized same-sex marriage today, New Hampshire earlier in the week. Gov. Baldacci is a Roman-Catholic who has previously supported only "opposite-marriage" [snicker], and before reversing his position and signing the bill the moment it hit his desk, he had listened to the statements of voters and legislators alike. He claims he explored his feelings on the matter (much to the dismay of his religious support base in Maine) and ultimately found it a matter of "fairness" and that he had to stand up for civil rights.

It will never cease to amaze me that people don't see it that way. How is it anything but fairness and a civil rights issue? Gay citizens are not 2/3 of a person or a vote, but they are denied basic rights of marriage. One [white] man in the state legislature points out that previously he would not have been allowed to marry his [black] wife of 25 years unless a law had been changed. I hope in 25 years we are not still fighting this battle and people look back with shame at the hate they have spread around.

I still have faith in the people of the world to do the right thing. The voters of Maine can veto this much like CA's voters did in November. I hope they stand up for each other and a growing minority in this country that needs all the help they can get to be considered 'equal'.


Sun and Moon
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In addition to two jobs, taking pictures and making endless dinners, I can't stop reading Real Simple and Design Sponge. Yes, I know how trendy DS has become and that Real Simple is done by Martha's team, but I love the Sneak Peeks and the bright ideas from both. It has me so unbelievably excited for the upcoming move to Portland that I can't wait to decorate my own apartment.

One wall: Just photographs, mine and others. I'm going to start working on Erin to let me print a piece or two of her work. I think it's lovely in it's simplicity. I want a wall in my home that holds just a slice of the magic this world has to offer.

Speaking of magic, I have stumbled upon Eva Funderburgh (also thanks to DS). She's a Seattle based sculptor and I think she's amazing. She creates lively little creatures out of clay, fires them, and I swear they're the type of things that would come alive at night and party in the living room. They are also beautiful in their simple earth-tones, but more importantly, they're fun. I envy that level of creativity. Hopefully I can save some money soon to buy a piece. I imagine any house I have will have an extraordinarily eclectic mix of art, but I hope it all breathes with life like Funderburgh's work. I find them inspiring to say the least. Maybe I'll even start doing ceramics again (not likely, I suck at it).