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How do you spell amazing? B-U-R-T-O-N

Just a quick note on how excited I was to see the promo shots for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland this morning, and I just had to blog about it.

I have both of Carrol's Alice novels on my ipod, and it's one of the few Disney films I own. I think it is a story that can be endlessly adapted for new generations and the dark/sinister twists could be fun to bring out. On that note I am of course a big fan of Burton films, and especially Burton/Depp collaborations. I find I am in awe of the creativity bursting at the seams of this man and have yet to dislike anything he has done. He is the prefect person to spin a new Alice tale for the big screen, using the latest technology properly and not going all "Lucas" on us.

Apparently it's a "return to Wonderland" sequel/female power movie and it looks super freaky awesome. 40 days of filming and the rest is CG, 3D, and motion capture. The possibility of a musical is there, not so sure, as the screen play was written by Linda Woolverton who is responsible for a number of remarkable feats on Broadway [so wish I had seen Lestat] and the cast is entirely musically trained. It's supposed to be pretty dark, even though it's DISNEY, for instance Carter's Red Queen has a moat that contains "bobbing noggins"...delicious.

Not to mention that the makeup alone is incredible in this film. If you can't tell in that picture it's Johnny Depp (Mad Hatter), Helena Bonham Carter(Red Queen, <3), Anne Hathaway(White Queen, double <3). A few years ago Emily and I went to the International Make-Up Artists Trade Show and got to see a few demonstrations with prosthetics and air-brushed make-up for cinema. The competition that year was Lord of the Rings, so you can use your imagination to think of the fantastic things we saw made in front of us. If I wasn't a scientist, I'd be a make-up artist and this is still one of my favorite things to see on the screen or stage.

The rest of the cast includes Alan Rickman (Caterpillar), Michael Sheen (Rabbit), Christopher Lee (Jabberwock), and Timothy Spall (Bloodhound). I noticed this was entirely people Burton, Depp and Carter have worked with endless times. I'm going to assume this could be only a good thing, with actors hand-picked for the parts. Right, and I adore Anne Hathaway so I'm happy with that new addition. March of next year is a long ways away.

Can I just mention that Edward Scissor Hands was made 30 years ago? I saw it on t.v. the other day and it is still just as great.


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