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boys boys boys (and Food Review)

It happens to be the Lady Gaga song I'm seriously obsessed with, likely because it reeks of summer. It makes me want to rock around my lab, sing, dance, the whole shebang. It's a shame I work with humans instead of lab rats. I imagine they wouldn't look at me like I was crazy if I danced from the water bath to the sonicator because, well, they're lab rats.

On another note, this morning I had my first Soy Joy bar. I run 4-5 times a week so I'm big on protein snacks throughout the day, especially in this heat. Ideally full of some sodium and potassium to get my muscles pumping that lactic acid away. I attempted the safe Strawberry flavor, I've got to hand it to them on the actual marketing of the product, and it has a decent amount of good stuff in it (protein, carbs, good fat and potassium) that matters to me as a runner.

But I could not get over:

1. Appearance. The Soy Joy bar is perhaps one the most unappetizing looking things I've eaten. Since I enjoy Ethiopian food, I feel like this says a lot. Basically, it straight up looks like the excrement from an organic robot (or poo, rather).

2. The texture is also unpleasant. The best comparison is the mouth feel freakishness of a Bocca burger for me. It's chewy but flaky and just wrong in so many ways.

I find this unfortunate because the thing actually does taste good, it has little dried strawberries in it and a nice subtle flavor, not too sweet, not too salty. Yet I find myself not wanting to even attempt the almond one because of the look and feel of the poo bars, so I will delve back to my Larabars and continue to experiment with breakfast/energy bars looking for the holy grail. Now healthy foods don't have to look or feel good in your mouth, but I don't see why not. There is no reason you cannot make good for you, yummy snacks that don't look like they've been scraped off a forest floor.


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