Fried Green Tomatillos

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Last weekend I got to sit in the park at the Presidio, sipping iced coffee and reading with Jeffe, after a fabulous Mexican brunch. One of the best days in a long time. Sometimes the simple pleasures (like reading in the grass) get lost in all the things we have to do each day. I miss the simpler life of high school and college, where time seemed to stretch forever. So I'm going to bring some of it back into my world, some of that lazy idealism.

Among my favorite things is when the seasons change, albeit it's a subtle move in sunny Southern Cali, and I'm a big fan of starting new projects when time makes a substantial shift. This is my last Spring and Summer in San Diego, possibly forever. This is motivating me to start my new project: a lifestyle blog. Granted it will likely be mostly 1. Photos and 2. Food. Pretty much two of the best things ever anyways. So here is my [cheers!] to Spring and enjoying the little things.


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